Blanketing the Market: The Advertising Strategy behind launching Florida’s First Snow Park

Tampa, Fla., Dec. 10, 2020  Snowcat Ridge, Florida’s first snow park, opened in Dade City on November 20 and has already sold out for several weekends in a rowincluding Christmas Eve. It has quickly developed as must-see destination throughout the Tampa Bay area. 

 The marketing firm behind Snowcat Ridge’s advertising launch is Schifino Lee Advertising & Branding, a Tampa-based full-service ad agency that creates and implements campaigns for regional, national and international clients. The agency worked closely with Snowcat Ridge’s in-house marketing team on the launch. 

 Schifino Lee has been working with Snowcat Ridge long before the first snow fellOver the past year, the agency collaborated with the attraction to develop its naming, logo and branding. Prior to the development of the Snowcat Ridge brand and campaignthe agency also worked with Scream-A-Geddon, a sisterattraction at the same location, on its naming, branding and media advertising 

 For the Snowcat Ridge campaign launch, Schifino Lee aired a schedule of radio spots on Tampa Bay area radio stations along with promotional, on-air ticket giveaways throughout the Holiday season. Schifino Lee also placed more than 40 outdoor creative units across Tampa Bay roadways including: 

  •  18 vinyl bulletins 
  • 6 digital bulletins 
  • 20 posterboards Snowcat Ridge Billboard

 “Our relationship with Schifino Lee has been very strategic and valuable,” said Jon PiankiMarketing Director for Snowcat Ridge. The advertising for Scream-A-Geddon flowed seamlessly into advertising for Snowcat Ridge, both executed by Schifino Lee’s media department.”   

 Snowcat Ridges marketing team complemented the paid advertising with an integrated campaign of social posts, influencer marketing, and public relations. 

 “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jon and his team for several years, and have always taken a very strategic approach to raising awareness for their entertainment venues,” said David Stob, Media Director at Schifino Lee. “Our advertising campaign for Snowcat Ridge was designed to blanket the market with awareness for this new attraction.” 

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