How Ad Tech Peeps Are Coping With Election-Related Distractions

So, there’s an election or something happening in the United States right now? And, apparently, it’s also a workday. Sure.

But there has to be a better strategy for getting through the day than repeatedly stress-refreshing the AP’s live election tallies.

Here’s how the ad tech community is staying chill, if such a thing is possible, while the results continue to trickle in.

Do it the Myles Younger way.We asked: Given current electoral distraction, how are you managing to stay calm and be productive today?


Myles Younger, senior director, data practice, MightyHive

My plan: staying disconnected and distraction-free! ——–>


Ari Paparo, CEO & co-founder, Beeswax

I went to sleep at 10 pm and told my wife: “‘If Biden wins wake me up, if Trump wins kill me in my sleep.”

Ana Milicevic, principal & co-founder, Sparrow Advisers

We recognize there are times when something external is just going to sap all the creative energy out of the room and that’s pretty much what this week is. We’re sharing a lot of cat and other cute small animal videos and generally trying to think about long-term things. That, plus lots of ice cream. Fun times 😐

Our team is international so we balance b/w explaining the peculiarities of the US electoral system and getting a lot of ‘that can’t be how that works’ comments back (lolsob).

This wins it for me:

Jayne Peressini, senior director, mobile marketing & growth, Electronic Arts

I’ve been taking ice baths and smoking cigars waiting for the results to come in.

Jayne smokes cigars.