Most Effective Pay-Per-Click Strategies to Boost Performance

Online businesses are thriving nowadays. There are more and more new online stores open every single day. This is because it has never been this easy to open an eCommerce website. Some years ago, probably no one would have believed that it would be possible to open an online business in just one day. But with all new technology developments and smart tools, everything is possible now.

But on the other hand, with the number of online businesses growing, the number of competition is growing as well. It is completely normal to have some competition, because what are the odds of having a business that is so unique that it has zero competitors? Therefore businesses need to work harder in order to get noticed, and to do that; businesses need to be on Google.

Of course, just being on Google is not enough. Businesses need to master Google Ads if they want to be visible and successful. These goals can be achieved with a smart pay-per-click strategy. And to give you a better sense of what you should do exactly, we are going to share some tips about the most effective pay-per-click strategies to boost performance.

Start by Creating a Google Ads Account

Even if you have a very specific niche that finds clients via recommendation or specialized events, you still need to work with Google Ads if you want to reach a larger amount of your target audience. And even if you advertise on social media, it is not enough because even though a lot of searches are now performed by using Facebook, still a lot more are performed on Google.

And if you already have a Google Ads account but have been working on it yourself, you should do a Google ads (AdWords) audit to see how well you are doing and where you should improve. You can either hire a Google Ads professional to do that for you or just use specialized tools that will do it very fast.

It is not only important to always experiment with Google Ads campaigns and find what is best for your business, but it is also crucial to do regular monitoring actually to determine what works and what doesn’t. Therefore a Google Ads audit should be something that you perform from time to time for the best performance results.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Even though some of your potential customers reach your website’s landing page after clicking on your ad because of a specific keyword, the sad truth is that these website visitors do not always convert. But the information that those people reach your website and click on that keyword or ad gives you some insightful information that you can work with.

These factors tell you that those potential customers are interested in your product. There is just something stopping them from converting. So what you could do with the information that you have is to take that keyword that leads visitors to your website and create a new ad out of it.

The best and most effective way to do it is by using the Ad Group Subject and adapting the UTM parameter. To do so, you need to come up with a segmented list that is based on your ad clickers by using UTM. And now, you have to target those clickers with ads that answer what they are searching for.

Include Emojis in Your Ads

Emojis might seem like just a fun addition to chat with your friends. Or as an enhancement for effective social media campaigns on Facebook. But in the world of Google Ads, it can do so much more and work for your advantage. Emojis can help express your communication much better and more effectively. They also make it easier to absorb what the ad is about faster and excludes your ad from all other blank ads that consist only of words.

Also, emojis can spice up your ads and help you reveal the real emotion of the message you want to communicate through your ad. You would be surprised how much change can one or another emoji ad to a single sentence. The same sentence with one emoji might seem sad and with a completely different emoji – fun and even sarcastic.

If you want to use emojis for your ads, you need to include them in your Google PPC ads, which will eventually lead to a higher conversion rate. Also, you need to choose emojis in a way that supports and highlights the original message of your ad – so don’t just use a smiley face in all of your ads, strive to be original and creative. But always remember that it would be a mistake to overdo the amount of emojis. If you do, the ad will become useless, annoying, and ineffective.