Google Ads GM Jerry Dischler On A Cookieless Future ‘That Happens When It Happens’

Google VP and GM Jerry DischlerGoogle’s new VP and GM of ads, Jerry Dischler, sees the big picture of Google’s advertising business, from top-of-funnel video ads on YouTube, mid-funnel display ads served through DV360 and Google Ad Manager, and Google search and shopping ads.

The future of automated advertising, top to bottom, is changing in two critical ways.

First, machine learning will govern more and more of the decision-making – from the rote decisions made by media planners to incorporating sophisticated signals beyond what a person could do on their own.

Second, there won’t be third-party cookies to track those users and make decisions.

While Google Chrome set a firm deadline of early 2022 to stop supporting third-party cookies, Dischler said that deadline won’t proceed if there aren’t solutions that work for everyone while also protecting user privacy in place.

“That happens when it happens,” he said during this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks. “But we don’t want to leave it open-ended so we’ve announced a date in order to create a sense of urgency.”